August 8th, 2012

Mapping California’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters

Are there major industrial polluters in your area? Check out the California Air Resources Board’s new interactive map that lets you browse the locations and emissions of the largest industrial greenhouse gas emitters in the state. 

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March 13th, 2012

Nearly 10 percent of the 2.6 million people living in the Tulare Lake Basin and Salinas Valley might be drinking nitrate-contaminated water, according to a new study out today from researchers at UC Davis. If nothing is done to stem the problem, the report warns, those at risk for health and financial problems may number nearly 80 percent by 2050. Read the full story.

Photo by Paolo Vescia/FERNnews

February 13th, 2012

Southern Californians at risk of death from air pollution

Southern Californians are among those at highest risk of death due to air pollution, according to recent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency research published in the journal Risk Analysis.

The study, published last month, was conducted to “provide insight to the size and location of public health risks associated with recent levels of fine particles and ozone, allowing decision-makers to better target air quality policies,” the federal agency said in a statement responding to California Watch inquiries.

“While overall levels of fine particles and ozone have declined significantly in the past two decades, these two pollutants still pose a burden to public health,” the EPA statement said.

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May 11th, 2011

An environmental watchdog group is pursuing legal action against major oil companies that sell aviation fuel it says is responsible for lead pollution in the air and drinking water sources around California airports.

The Center for Environmental Health sent notices of violation Monday to AvFuel, BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil and Shell, as well as 38 airport-based suppliers of leaded aviation gasoline. The notices charge the companies with violating Proposition 65, California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act.

May 3rd, 2011

Five California cities ranked as worst in air quality

LA SmogCalifornia cities Los Angeles, Visalia, Hanford and Fresno were ranked as some of the worst cities for air quality by the American Lung Association in their newly released 2011 State of the Air report.

Bakersfield was ranked the worst in terms of short-term and year-round particle pollution.

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April 22nd, 2011

The top 100 carbon dioxide-producing facilities in California generated 101,890,944 metric tons of CO2 in 2007, according to data recently released by the California Air Resources Board. We’ve mapped that data to show where the 100 largest polluters are located.

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